Unlike regular cigarettes, Ukraine has not banned the use of their electronic versions in public places. The relevant law was passed last year, but some of its rules come into force only this year. They actually equate e-cigarettes and tobacco heating devices to so-called “traditional” cigarettes.

From July 11, e-cigarettes will not be used in public places. In particular, indoors and near healthcare facilities, sports, and educational facilities, near and inside catering establishments, as well as in cultural establishments (for example, cinemas and theaters).

The ban also applies to public authorities, dormitories, airports (except for designated areas), playgrounds, railway stations, and bus stations, public transport stops. It will also not be possible to smoke electronic devices for heating tobacco in elevators, subways, public transport, and taxis.

To mark such a ban in the specified places a sign with the following content should be placed:”Smoking and use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, devices for the consumption of tobacco products without their combustion, hookahs are prohibited!”

If you witness such an offense from July 11, you can leave a complaint in the relevant institution, contact the police and the State Food and Consumer Services. Violations may result in fines for restaurant owners and businesses.

It is worth recalling that the relevant law was passed primarily due to the deadly effects of the tobacco epidemic around the world and in Ukraine. Thus, 85,000 Ukrainians die every year from diseases caused by tobacco use. In addition, according to the WHO, about 20% of adolescents aged 13-15 smoke e-cigarettes. It is also known that the majority of underage smokers (80%) have developed an addiction of using tobacco heating devices.