The Ministry of Digitalisation together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine completed a poll in Diya app, in which asked Ukrainians to answer questions about the circulation of firearms among the civilian population. Participants were offered three possible answers: they were about the free possession and carrying of weapons by law-abiding citizens, free possession, but use only in shooting ranges and firing grounds, and a total ban.

Today, the Ministry of Digitalisation published the results of a survey on the circulation of firearms, in which more than 1.7 million Ukrainians took part:

  • 59% believe that all citizens who meet the requirements of the law can have a gun and are free to carry it in public;
  •  22% state that pistols should definitely not be in circulation among the civilian population;
  • 19% noted that all citizens who comply with the law can have guns and use them only in shooting ranges or firing grounds. In this case, it is forbidden to carry a weapon.

It is not yet known what these results may affect, but the Ministry of Digitalisation has stated that they are forwarding them to the Ministry of the Internal Affairs for further evaluation.