The transition to electric traction has made new cars more interesting for several reasons. The first is, of course, the speed of acceleration and total power. And secondly, electric cars receive much more new solutions, interesting technologies, and general opportunities than ordinary “old” cars.

Among such possibilities, there is an interesting “tank turn”. Mercedes recently showed a video in which a new version of the electric “Cube” EQG makes a U-turn, and it looks quite impressive. Of course, Mercedes came up with a separate name for this – G-Turn.

It should be noted that earlier Rivian R1T boasted a similar trick. A pickup truck from an American electric car startup can also “spin” on the spot. But unlike Mercedes, Rivian did not think about the name of this maneuver.

Among such unusual features, we can mention General Motors with Hummer EV. The electric version of the legendary SUV can turn all four wheels by 10 ° and move diagonally, which, given its size, can be useful not only off-road. This is called CrabWalk. In addition, GM made a pretty funny video about it.

But for a clearer demonstration of this feature, the company has another short video.