The spring of 2022 presented several cars that were once true legends both among fans of fast drive and car aesthetes from Ukraine. From the name it is clear that the new models Acura Integra and Subaru Legacy are meant. Surprisingly, it has historically been the case that some Japanese cars are only available in the US market (and, frankly, are made there). But given the love of Ukrainians for cars from the States, it is safe to say that these two models have a chance to appear in Ukraine. And what can they offer?

New generation Acura Integra: turbo engine, mechanic gearbox, sports version

Once the name Integra was intended for a compact coupe, for which lightness was more important than power. But now the Acura Integra is like a deluxe version of Honda Civic: similar base and chassis, 5-door liftback body type, a large wheelbase for the room in the interior. To emphasize the high status of Acura, the car received its own design (by the way, quite attractive!), narrow LED headlights, black glossy finishing, beautiful wheels from 17 to 19 inches, luxury interior, premium audio system ELS STUDIO 3D.

But the old story is not forgotten. To make you understand: of the three available versions of the car, two are marked A-Spec (an analogue of Sport from other manufacturers). Version three – but only one engine: a 1.5-liter petrol VTEC Turbo, which offers 203 hp. and 260 Nm. The CVT variator is considered to be the standard transmission, but customers can choose a 6-speed mechanic gearbox, while also getting a high-friction differential in the front-wheel drive: this is the right approach!

Plus, the aforementioned versions of the A-Spec boast standard 18-inch wheels, a notable dual exhaust, an adaptive ADS chassis with adjustable shock absorber stiffness and a thicker anti-roll bar. Even the exterior details that look like the decor actually work: for example, the rear spoiler allows you to reduce lifting force by 50%, which adds stability when driving at high speeds.

At the same time, in the interior you will find leather, modern digital instrument panel with 10.2-inch monitor, central touch screen (7- or 9-inch), premium audio. And plus a sports steering wheel and a classic metallic ball of the “mechanics”. An interesting combination!

The first photos of the Acura Integra appeared in late 2021, but only now – in the spring of 2022 – all the information about the car and sales have been released. It is worth noting that the fact Acura Integra is a high-end car should be even demonstrated by the place of its manufacture: at the factory, which also produces business sedans Acura TLX. By the way, the turbo engine of the new car is manufactured at another factory, next to the engines for the NSX supercar and various charged versions of the Type-R. However, note that all the time we are talking about factories in the United States, and the main market is the United States, though it is “Japanese”, as well as the next one.

Updated Subaru Legacy sedan: more cameras and security

Subaru Legacy sedan has always made an unbeatable bet on key values: a fairly large body size, spacious interior and spacious trunk, all-wheel drive. Such cars are chosen for the feeling of confidence and safety. Therefore, the Subaru Legacy update, in addition to the traditional design changes in the style of “bumper and headlights”, was also aimed at improving the safety of the car: expanded the list of features, added another camera to the EyeSight complex and more.

By the way, in terms of design, the most notable is the Subaru Legacy Sport version. After all, it is distinguished not only by the logo on the trunk, but also by red inserts in the radiator grille, its own 18-inch wheels, rear spoiler. Compare the two cars below: the regular updated Subaru Legacy sedan (blue) and its Sport version (white).

Two BOXER engines are also available for the two variations of the model: a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated (185 hp) or 2.4-liter turbocharged engine with 264 “horses”. In any case, the engine partner is a CVT variator and all-wheel drive. This is a must-have, similar to the 11.6-inch vertical display that decorates the interior and forms the center console.

And which of these cars would you like to see in Ukraine? None? Or, possible – both?