French officials on Monday continued the centuries-long struggle to preserve the purity of the language, revising the rules of use of English slang for video games, writes The Guardian.

While some expressions find obvious translations: “pro-gamer” becomes “joueur Professionnel”, others seem more intense as “streamer” becomes “joueur-animateur en direct”.

The Ministry of Culture, which is involved in the process, said the video game industry is full of English, which could be a “barrier to understanding” for non-gamers.

Monday’s changes were published in the Official Journal, making them mandatory for civil servants. Among the few terms given to the official French alternatives were “cloud games”, which became “jeu video en Nuage”, and “eSports” and “e-sports”, which will now be translated as “jeu video de competition”.

The ministry said experts searched the website and video game magazines to see if French terms already existed. The general idea, the ministry said, was to make it easier for people to communicate.