Swiss company ProtonMail, which has created a number of privacy services on the Internet, is reorganizing and merging them under one name Proton. Previously, each service – Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive – required a separate subscription. They are now creating an ecosystem that can be accessed through an account at

“Today, we are undertaking our biggest step forward in the movement for an internet that respects your privacy. The new, updated Proton offers one account, many services, and one privacy-by-default ecosystem. You can now enjoy unified protection with a modernized look and feel.

Evolving into a unified Proton reflects our growth from an end-to-end encrypted email provider to an entire privacy ecosystem, allowing us to deliver even more benefits to the Proton community and make privacy accessible to everyone,” the company says.

All Proton services have a free version. At the same time, paid subscriptions provide more features and memory. With the free plan, you can get up to 1 GB of memory and one Proton email address, as well as access to VPN and encrypted calendar.

Proton Unlimited costs € 9.90 per year. Anyone who buys a plan for two years at a time can save up to 33%. There are also individual plans for those who only need encrypted mail or VPN.

As part of the rebranding, owners of existing Proton accounts will receive more memory and new features at no extra charge. Including more email addresses, VPN connections, etc. Proton is also redesigning services with new logos, colors, and upgraded looks to highlight change.