Other gadgets included AirPort routers and the AirPort Time Capsule. But a few years ago, the company stopped working on the extension of the line and in April 2018 stopped production of these devices.

But such devices may return to the Apple Store. According to Majin Bu on Twitter, Apple is already introducing new versions of AirPort routers this year, and Time Machine is expected to support iCloud synchronization. in the next version of macOS.

Apple routers were relatively expensive devices. Of course, they were easy to set up with an iPhone or Mac and had a minimalist design without external antennas. The latest branded routers have supported the 802.11ac standard. Since then, other manufacturers have managed to add a lot of interesting features, and increased speed and range quite significantly. This is not to mention the growing popularity and availability of Mesh systems. So it would be interesting to see what Apple can now make a selling point.

But the integration of Time Machine with iCloud Drive may force users to switch to more expensive cloud storage rates for those who want to have a copy of their system in the cloud. Nowadays, most files can actually be kept in iCloud and accessed from a variety of computers and mobile devices. But making a backup “cast” of the system in Time Machine is still possible only on physical media by connecting directly to a computer or via a local Wi-Fi network (if the router supports drive connections and Time Machine function).

If this information is correct, you will not have to wait long for news about Time Machine, because the next presentation of Apple will take place at WWDC 2022 on June 6. There is traditionally a lot of attention paid to operating systems and their new functions. But routers can be a secret until the official announcement