Google Docs will finally add a feature that greatly simplifies the lives of Microsoft Word users – the ability to select and format multiple blocks of text. If the article has several subheadings or words that need to be highlighted, you no longer have to change them in turn.

Selecting multiple blocks of text is easy. Select the one you want to format, then press ⌘ (for Mac) or Ctrl (for Windows) and continue selecting the blocks you want. Once all the desired text is selected, you can release the key and make the necessary formatting.

New Google Docs feature: you can format multiple blocks of text at once

The feature allows you to not only format but also delete several selected blocks of text at once, as well as add comments that are relevant to several sentences at once. However, its use will be the best option not for all cases. For example, changing the style of all headings is more convenient with the Styles drop-down list than selecting them manually.

If you don’t have the feature yet, wait a bit. Google promises to add it to all users’ accounts within the next 15 days.