As time flies: the Toyota 4Runner SUV is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. The company is preparing to launch the Toyota 4Runner 2023 model year in the US, which allows us to count the “round figure” from 1983 when the model called Toyota 4Runner first appeared.

As if especially trying to emphasize the connection from the 1980s, the car received contrasting stickers and bronze wheels. How fashionable at the time! Of course, there were numerous company logos with the inscription “40”. However, in the end, the anniversary series really looks interesting and bright.

Inside, under the hood, everything remained the same: a V6 4.0 VVT-i petrol engine with about 270 hp, automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive with a reduced number of gears. Still, we have a real SUV!

But if you say “inside”, meaning the interior, then there are some changes. First of all, seats with a contrasting thread, imprinted logos on the headrests, as well as the designation of a limited version of the car. From which, by the way, follows the total number of such cars – only 4040 units. There is no doubt that Toyota fans will be chasing them.

Interestingly, the Toyota 4Runner 4 th Anniversary is not the only anniversary today. Volkswagen Touareg SUV has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and BMW celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legendary M division.