Hello everyone, on November 25, 2021, we launched Mezha.Media, which means that today the project is exactly 6 months old. I congratulate everyone on this milestone and I want to thank you, our dear readers, for your support and help, which allow us to move forward a little. The project could not exist without our friendly community, and we are glad that it continues to grow.

During these 6 months, the project has gone through both good and very bad times, but we do not lose hope for the best. After the fall in March, when we could not fully fill the site, April became a record for traffic with almost 453 thousand unique users, 824 thousand sessions and 1.1 million pages viewed. In total, in six months the site’s audience was 2.8 million users, who viewed almost 5 million pages. We really hope that we will have more opportunities to please you with interesting materials.

In April, we launched the English version of Mezha.Media, which allowed us to bring information about Ukraine to the English-speaking audience. In the first month of operation, traffic to the English version was almost 6% of the total audience of the site, this month it will grow to 10%.

Most readers continue to enter Mezha from Ukraine, followed by Poland and the United States, followed by European countries.

Six months with Mezha.Media

Previously, most readers visited the website from Kyiv, but after the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia and hostilities around the capital, our readers began to move to Lviv, which now ranks first, as well as other cities in western Ukraine.

Six months with Mezha.Media

The only stability in this life seems to be the Chrome browser, which remains the most popular on the site. One can only wish that our life after the victory was as stable as the market share of Chrome.

Six months with Mezha.Media

Well, it was a difficult six months, but we believe in victory, we are working and thank you all again for your support! Glory to Ukraine!

P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to note that we have launched a new page for donations. Now you can send them through Liqpay, so if you find our work necessary or useful, we will be very grateful for your help.