Google has announced that it is providing financial assistance to purchase, license, and distribute 43,000 Chromebooks for Ukrainian teachers so that they can continue to communicate and collaborate with their students, who are forced to study remotely due to the war.

Google is already working with local organizations to train about 50,000 teachers and help schools set up and manage devices remotely with the Chrome Enterprise update. Through a series of seminars and online materials, teachers will learn how to use their devices and the Google Workspace for Education toolkit.

In addition, Google works with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, UNESCO, and partners around the world to provide the necessary hardware, software, content, and digital competence training.

Google for Education will also continue to update resources such as “Teach wherever you are” – a central resource developed during the pandemic that contains information, advice, training and learning tools.

The company has also created a YouTube Learning Platform to give Ukrainian students the age of 13-17 the opportunity to find educational content that would help them in their studies. At the same time, special emphasis will be placed, for example, on Ukrainian literature and linguistics, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics, etc.