SKODA has a training unit SKODA Academy, which prepares future professionals for cooperation: training, internships, and employment options. And also – the opportunity to create your own “dream car”: the development of a thematic concept car based on the existing SKODA car.

Such developments have been going on since 2014. And now the latest example is the SKODA AFRIQ Concept car, which is based on the already well-known compact SUV SKODA Kamiq. However, behind the visually similar body are hidden many interesting improvements: welded rear doors, installed safety frame, huge rally wheels, additional lights and air holders, and a large rear air spoiler.

Many elements of appearance and really functional. They are borrowed from the rally car SKODA FABIA Rally2 evo. As well as interior elements: sports bucket seats and a specific steering wheel, front panel, etc.

In addition, in the interior, you can find such an interesting detail as an atmospheric water generator. This is a development of the Israeli company Watergen, which allows to obtain – condense and purify – up to 20 liters of drinking water per day.

However, an even more interesting feature of the SKODA AFRIQ concept car is its engine and all-wheel drive system, borrowed from the SKODA OCTAVIA model. Under the hood of the SKODA AFRIQ Concept is a gasoline turbocharged 2.0 TSI engine producing 190 hp. power and 320 Nm of torque. Then the “horses” and “newtons” are sent to the automatic transmission DSG and all four wheels, that is, the SUV SKODA AFRIQ Concept has all-wheel drive.

And now remember the frame in the interior, large wheels, and the need to install a sports suspension. Surprisingly, despite numerous technical additions, the SKODA AFRIQ Concept turned out about 100 kg lighter than the original SKODA Kamiq!

By the way, the SKODA Kamiq SUV has only front-wheel drive and was equipped with a maximum of 150-horsepower engine. And what if the new concept is not just a “student training car”? And what if the new concept is an opportunity to “feel” the option of creating a dynamic SUV in a compact format of SKODA Kamiq? We will find out soon: we are closely following the following SKODA news!