Now there is less propaganda on YouTube. More than 70,000 videos and 9,000 channels related to the war in Ukraine have been removed from the social network, including those where the invasion was called a “liberation mission.” The reason for the removal was a violation of the content policy, writes The Guardian. 

YouTube has previously removed pro-Russian channels. Including the channel of journalist Vladimir Solovyov, as well as state media Russia Today and Sputnik. Channels linked to the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have limited video downloads to the coming months.

“We have a major violent events policy and that applies to things like denial of major violent events: everything from the Holocaust to Sandy Hook. And of course, what’s happening in Ukraine is a major violent event. And so we’ve used that policy to take unprecedented action,” said YouTube chief product officer Neil Mohan.

He also noted that news of the war received more than 40 million views in Ukraine alone. So the company wants to make sure people get quality and credible information on YouTube.

“The consumption of authoritative channels on our platform has grown significantly, of course in Ukraine, but also in countries surrounding Ukraine, Poland, and also within Russia itself,” says Neil Mohan.

The platform does not provide statistics on remote channels, but outlines that they shared invasion narratives from the Russian government or its trusted agents.

YouTube is very popular in Russia, where, unlike other Western social networks, it was not blocked after a full-scale invasion. It is estimated to have about 90 million users. The platform continues to operate in Russia despite the fight against pro-Kremlin content that denies or normalizes the war.