Open source emulator PCSX2 is the best way to play games for PlayStation 2, as it supports over 98% of the original library PS2. However, it never looked attractive with a primitive UI, which often forced players to look for a separate program launcher. The first public release of PCSX2, which uses the Qt framework, is designed to change that.

The new interface has a grid view for displaying game covers, as well as a more traditional list view, a dark mode option, and a number of simple icons at the top of the screen. Some of these icons are grayed out because it is a build for developers. It will take some time before the next stable release happens.

The interface will look familiar to users of the PS1 DuckStation emulator. This is probably due to the contribution of the developer Stenzek, who also worked on it.

To make your library look attractive, you need to download resource covers like The Cover Project, rename the files to match the .iso files and move them to the cover folder in the PCSX2 directory. Then you need to select Game Grid in the PCSX2 menu and all the covers will be beautifully placed on the screen.