In the second season, the Hargreeves brothers and sisters barely save the world from the future in which the apocalypse is to come. And although they return to their time confident that they did everything right, the trailer for the third season tells how wrong they were.

It is unknown where exactly what went wrong during the salvation of the world. However, this has led to a split course of time, and the Hargreeves fall into an alternate, unfamiliar reality where the Umbrella Academy was never founded by their father.

Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number 5 and Vanya/Viktor are shocked that instead of the Umbrella Academy of their childhood, they find the Sparrow Academy, and their brother Ben is among its students. Like their Ben, he can release horrible destructive tentacles from his body. However, he decides not to trust the guys from the Umbrella, like other residents of Sparrow Academy.

The trailer does not reveal much information about the plot of next season. Instead, it demonstrates many of Sparrow’s students, such as Fey, the sorceress with the birds, and Alfonso, a powerful man with a melted face.

The trailer also shows how Vanya finds common ground with Viktor and learns to better control his destructive power. Obviously, the most interesting thing in the new season will not be the confrontation between the students of Umbrella and Sparrow, but their attempts to find a common language and perhaps learn from each other.

The third season will be released on Netflix on June 22, so all the answers to the questions left by the trailer will be known soon.