For Nissan, the compact Juke SUV is not only one of the bestsellers, but also an opportunity for bold experiments: Nismo-versions, stuffing from the GT-R supercar, and so design packages…

So it is not surprising that the Japanese have again prepared an unusual concept car, for which they clearly did not spare the letters in the name: meet the Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute Concept. Of course, the word Rally attracts attention here – it really is a concept that reminds us of the rally history of Nissan. This is really a concept that follows all the “canons of the genre”: large off-road wheels changed suspension and increased ground clearance, frame in the interior, two spare wheels in the trunk. Looks cool!

However, it is really worth paying attention to another word, namely Hybrid. After all, by building such a concept car, the company seeks to remind us once again of the emergence of a new version of the car: the Nissan Juke Hybrid will be available to the first buyers in the European market this summer.

We remind that at the beginning of its career, the Nissan Juke SUV received only one engine – a petrol 1-liter 3-cylinder “turbo”. However, the hybrid will now be able to offer + 25% of power (about 140-145 hp depending on the settings) and up to -40% of fuel consumption in the city cycle. All this is achieved thanks to the combination of a gasoline engine (94 hp and 148 Nm) with an electric motor (49 hp and 205 Nm) – like a completely normal design, right?

However, the engineers went further and gave the Nissan Juke Hybrid a fairly powerful starter/generator (which can briefly act as an additional electric motor), a 1.2 kWh battery, and an innovative transmission. The latter combines a gasoline engine and an electric motor in any variant, that is, creates a hybrid of parallel or series type. In addition, the transmission has a 2-speed transmission for the electric motor and a 4-speed transmission for the gasoline engine.

We also offer special attention not so much to the rally features of the Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute Concept, but to its “hybrid features”: the instrument panel in the interior, the body of the hybrid power unit and more. We hope to see such hybrid versions of the new Nissan Juke soon in our peaceful, prosperous Ukraine.