The life story of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy was turned into a biographical comic by the American publishing house TidalWave Comics – Political Power: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, writes Reuters. The 22-page glossy, published this week, tells of Zelensky’s path from comedian to president, whom he once played on a popular TV show, and then to the country’s leader during the war.

Comic book about Zelenskyy: the life story of the President of Ukraine was told in a graphic novel

“Who is he? What makes him tick? Why is he the right leader for Ukraine at this moment? Those are the things I was curious about when I started the research,” said writer Michael Frizell.

Another participant in the project, artist Pablo Martinen, also painted biographies of David Beckham, Nelson Mandela and Donald Trump.

“This book means a lot to me because of my Ukrainian heritage,” U.S.-based publisher Darren G. Davis said in a statement. “Both sets of my grandparents immigrated from Ukraine. I wanted to use this medium to not only tell a story but to somehow donate to the cause at the same time.”

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the Zelensky comic will be donated to the International Red Cross.