Russia has no plans to block YouTube, the country’s digital development minister said, acknowledging that Russian users would suffer more from it, according to Reuters.

Russia has blocked other foreign social media platforms, but despite months of fines and threats to YouTube, has not dared to limit video hosting. Not even does it not remove content that the Kremlin considers illegal, it also limits its propaganda. Therefore, a complete shutdown of YouTube in Russia would be good news for the whole world and would free the platform from content of questionable quality.

With about 90 million monthly users in Russia, YouTube is extremely popular and plays an important role in the digital economy. Although Russia has internal versions of other social media, there is no viable alternative to YouTube. Even despite constant efforts to promote local video hosting Rutube, which periodically fails due to poor performance and hacker efforts.

In addition, Russia’s Minister of Digital Development said that the country allegedly does not seek further isolation from the global Internet infrastructure, from which it disconnected during tests last summer.