Serhii Maksymets, a developer from Chernivtsi, by the way, the author of the strategy game Battle for Ukraine, has created a selection of useful videos for the Armed Forces of Ukraine optimized for viewing on the phone.

Video polygon contains materials on training, tactics, use of a weapon, destruction of enemy equipment, and so on. All videos are optimized in size and recoded into a format that all push-button phones understand. This video takes up little space and also consumes battery power very sparingly.

The selection can be viewed without Internet access with minimal charge consumption on any phone or tablet. For example, a push-button phone with a 4000 mA battery can display such video for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Serhii Maksymets believes that a separate secure push-button phone is an ideal place for such useful videos. The author even recommends some specific models, for example, BQ-2430 Tank Power which costs only 900 UAH and Sigma PR68, which costs from 1700 to 1900 UAH.

A selection of Video Polygon is 2.9 GB, it can be downloaded from the site, and the author also offers to send free SD cards or push-button mobile phones with a selection to the soldiers. In addition, Serhii is open to discussions on this project. For example, you can leave your suggestions in the comments.