Meta leader Mark Zuckerberg has published a video with a new generation VR headset, which is going to launch this year. This the first show of Project Cambria, which, according to Zuckerberg, will one day replace a laptop.

In the video, he tests the headset and demonstrates its functions. It can be concluded that the device mostly works as a mixed reality headset from Microsoft’s HoloLens, projecting digital 3D images into the real world.

Project Cambria does this with a “passthrough” feature that allows a person with a device on their face to see the real world around them. External headset cameras capture video of everything around and transmit images to internal displays.

Meta’s Oculus Quest headset is already equipped with a “passthrough” function. However, the video could be distorted and was in black and white. Project Cambria promises to take technology to the next level and make the end-to-end feature full color for better image quality.

In this mode, you can also run augmented reality applications and thus combine the physical and virtual worlds. The video shows Zuckerberg playing with an animated 3D rabbit in his office. The function can also be used for work by running around several screens, as well as for sports, “turning on” a virtual instructor.

It seems that the purpose of the video was to involve third-party developers in the creation of mixed reality programs for the Presence platform, which the company introduced last year. Zuckerberg did not disclose any more details about Project Cambria. The headset on the video itself was blurred so that it was not clear what it looked like.

The company plans to release Project Cambria at the end of this year. It is not aimed at the gaming community – instead, the company plans to advertise it for office workers as a high-end VR headset.