Second Stage Theatre on Broadway sets system of infrared cameras aimed at spectators under the control of security. This way, the theater will check to see if anyone is secretly trying to record nude scenes on video, writes The Verge

The new system can guide, tilt, and zoom in to focus on a person and make sure they’re not doing something wrong. The measures had to be taken after someone posted a video from a phone in which actors Jesse L. Williams and Michael Oberholtzer were filmed during a nude scene.

The theater already has a system in place to prevent such incidents. Yondr packages with a magnetic lock are used here – they lock the phones of visitors when they are in the hall. It is unknown whether anyone was able to open the package or secretly carried the gadget inside.

There are many videos on the Internet that demonstrate the opening of Yondr without a patented magnet to unlock and lock them. Due to the fact that this time the system did not work, the theater decided to provide additional protection for the actors.  

“Taking naked pictures of anyone without their consent is highly objectionable and can have severe legal consequences. Posting it on the Internet is a gross and acceptable violation between the actor and the audience”, says the statement of the theatre on Twitter.