Meet developers have been thinking about how to make online meetings better. The Google Workspace team is currently working on ways to enhance any webcam and microphone with artificial intelligence (AI).

The most striking development is Portrait Restore. According to Google, it will make clearer even images from a bad camera or a weak connection.

Google will improve weak webcams and microphones with AI

Similarly, Portrait Lighting provides a set of tools that can illuminate AI-based images. You can’t move your window from the left, but in Google Meet you can make it look as if you have a window on the right.

Google will improve weak webcams and microphones with AI

As for sound, Google is preparing a dereverb tool – it minimizes the echo of the voice that occurs in homerooms.

Many of the key technologies come from Google’s AI and machine learning for Pixel phones. Although they have much better “iron” for such tasks, the principle remains the same.

As more and more people use online tools for hybrid and remote work, the Google Workspace team has been thinking for the past two years about how to make it easier. This was not only about tools for meetings, but also about ways to make communication more attractive.

“We want technology to be an enabler. We want it to be helpful, we want it to be intuitive, and we want it to solve real problems,” says Prasad Setty, Google’s VP of digital work experience. 

Google will improve weak webcams and microphones with AI

In addition, the company plans to implement a tool to create automatic summaries of activity in Spaces, so that in the morning you can quickly get acquainted with the most important information, without wasting time on hundreds of messages. An automated transcription tool will also be launched during Meet meetings.