First Mode experts from Seattle turned a huge Komatsu 930E quarry truck into an electric car, replacing its diesel-electric engine with a custom power plant running on hydrogen fuel with a capacity of 2 MWatt!

The Komatsu 930E quarry truck, which the Japanese company Komatsu has been producing in the United States since 1996, was a hybrid from birth – a 16-cylinder diesel engine acted here as a generator that produced energy for electric wheels. Diesel power, depending on the model and year of manufacture, ranged from 2,014 to 2,600 kW (2,700 – 3,500 hp). The weight of the giant truck is 210 tons, and the body holds 270 tons of rock.

The 210-ton quarry truck has been turned into the world’s largest electric vehicle

First Mode took one such truck from a platinum mine in South Africa and replaced the diesel with eight 100 kW Ballard hydrogen fuel cells and a stack of Williams Advanced Engineering lithium-ion batteries (it’s a sister company to Williams Racing, who competes in Formula 1). Total capacity of batteries – 1.1 MWatt, peak – 2 MWatt.

Considering the power, weight and size of the new Komatsu 930E it is 100% the world’s largest all-electric car. And it seems that this is just the beginning, the owners of minerals are interested in the transition to electric traction, especially since they are encouraged to do so by law.