QuantumScape solid-state battery maker has released a report outlining its recent developments. In particular, it has become known that solid-state cells can halve the charging time of electric vehicles and increase the capacity of the battery by more than 50%.

The report is about a new 16-layer solid-state cell – the first proof of the concept of QuantumScape’s own cell format. The company was founded in 2010 to develop scalable, efficient solid-state batteries.

In December 2020, the manufacturer announced that it had achieved a “significant breakthrough”, and in February demonstrated the industry’s first single-layer cell, which went through 400 consecutive cycles of fast charging. In 15 minutes they were able to charge the cell by 10% – 80%. At the same time, it saved more than 80% of the initial energy.

In a new report, QuantumScape reported on the development of a 16-layer solid-state battery that has already withstood 500 charging cycles. At the same time, it behaved in the same way as the previous cells of the company.

In addition to the fact that the new cell has more layers, it demonstrates for the first time its own architecture of the QuantumScape cell. It is flexible enough to support anodeless format. The company says this is encouraging evidence in favor of the flexible format concept. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before its commercial use.

The company is also going to scale and upgrade its production line. In addition, the company hopes to deliver A-sample items to at least one customer in 2022. The sample will have dozens of layers and will be able to demonstrate the basic functionality of the battery cells.

QuantumScape is known to have five customer contracts, three of which are among the top 10 automotive manufacturers. One of the clients has already successfully tested 10-layer cells and now their testing has passed to another. It is known that one of these customers is Porsche. It belongs to the Volkswagen Group, which is an early sponsor of QuantumScape.