In most cases, Google Maps offers a flat view of the terrain. Google Earth 3D mode lets you add some volume and see 3D buildings. However, the company has now announced a new mode for viewing cities –Immersive View

The mode turns Google Maps into a 3D version of SimCity with AAA-level graphics used for video games. There are artificial cars that travel the roads and birds that fly in the sky. Clouds wander overhead and cast shadows on the world. It even simulates weather and realistic images on the water, which change along with the viewpoint. London even has an animated rotating ferris wheel.

Google can’t track objects like birds (yet!), but many things in the simulation are based on real data. Cars can match real traffic on a particular street. The weather is real, even for historical data. The sun moves according to the time of day. 

The other part of the video, which shows Immersive View, allows you to view a certain business in 3D – for example, virtually go to a cafe. This is possible by combining huge amounts of data with Google Maps, Google Earth, та Street View. But even so, it will be a very limited primary data set. 

According to Google, the mode Immersive View will be available first for Los Angeles, London, New York York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year. Other cities will be added later. 

Immersive View will work on any phone or other device. Like the 3D mode, it will have a separate switch.