During the Google I/O conference, Google finally officially announced its first smartwatch Pixel Watch, information about which began to appear the day before. In particular, the test version of the device was forgotten in the restaurant , so its design was not a surprise. However, there are not many details about the novelty. Google promises to release it in September, along with the new flagship series Pixel 7.

Google has officially announced the Pixel Watch

Here is what is known at the moment. Like the prototype, the final version of the Pixel Watch will have a round body shape with convex glass that covers the display. The facets of the case will be made of recycled stainless steel. The watch will have its own system of fastening straps, they will be fixed by magnets.

Pixel Watch will be based on an “improved” version of the operating system Wear OS 3, in particular, Google promises an updated interface with updated navigation and smart notifications. In addition, Pixel Watch will receive standard applications from Google, such as Google Maps and Assistant, as well as Google Wallet and Google Home, which will be new to Wear OS.

Google has officially announced the Pixel Watch

Another feature of the Pixel Watch will be the integration with Fitbit programs, which Google bought for $2.1 billion. This allows the user to view statistics on heart rate, sleep tracking, and activity time based on Fitbit algorithms. Users will also be able to synchronize their data with the Fitbit account and view it in the application of the service, as well as on the Internet. The health data collected on the Pixel Watch will remain under the jurisdiction of Fitbit, separate from Google.

The company did not name the price of the Pixel Watch during the presentation, but said it would be a “premium product”. The watch will require a phone running Android 8.0 or newer versions and a Google Account. Thus, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the Pixel Watch will not be compatible with the iPhone, like all previous watches with the Wear OS.