Automotive media system interfaces usually do not undergo significant changes throughout the life cycle of the car. Another thing with modern technologies for connecting smartphones to them. One of the additional benefits of Android Auto and CarPlay is the development of the interface and convenient updates, which are almost uncommon in the traditional automotive industry.

With the new Android Auto updates, the home screen will finally be able to be divided into several zones, each of which will display and control different functions. For example, the screen may have navigation, music playback controls, and notifications that you can interact with at the same time. Information about this update has previously already appeared on Reddit.

With the update of Android Auto, users will have access to a split home screen

This is similar to the Split Screen version of Apple CarPlay. In Android Auto, this was previously only available on some car models, but will now be the default screen for all users.

“We used to have a different screen mode that was available in a very limited amount of cars. Now this is available no matter what type of display you have, what size, what form factor, and it’s a really, really exciting update,”  comments Rod Lopez, a lead product manager at Android Auto.

Moreover, such an interface will be adapted to displays of different sizes and shapes, because automakers do not have a single standard for their multimedia systems.

“We’ve seen some really interesting innovation from the industry, going to these very large portrait displays going into these extremely wide landscape displays. And you know, the coolness is Android Auto will now support all of them, and will be able to adapt, giving you all of these features at your fingertips as a user,” adds Lopez.

Unfortunately, with the development of the functionality of such technologies, drivers are increasingly losing vigilance, distracted from driving for entertainment. One study even showed that drivers who changed music while driving via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay were less focused on the road than drivers under the influence of marijuana. Google works with automakers to minimize such risks.

Other updates to Android Auto include easier access to standard reply options, as well as support for Tubi TV and Epix Now streaming services.