DisplayPort version 2.0 was introduced back in June 2019. It offers three times more bandwidth compared to DisplayPort 1.4 and allows you to output uncompressed images in one HD cable in HDR 8K@60 Hz and HDR 4K@240 Hz (or even 16K@60 – using the Display Stream Compression algorithm). DisplayPort 2.0 offers up to 80 GB/s bandwidth, almost twice that of HDMI 2.1.

The first DisplayPort 2.0 devices have been certified

We haven’t seen DisplayPort 2.0 in action yet but that may soon change, as AMD, MediaTek and Realtek say their devices are DP2.0 certified. At AMD it is Ryzen 6000 series processors, at Realtek – network solutions for Tx and Rx partners; as for Mediatek, the company did not name which device or solution it meant, vaguely calling it a “sink device” (generally a device that receives some data).

It is unknown at this time what to expect for commercial display models with DisplayPort 2.0. It is reported that the demonstration stand with AMD and MediaTek devices can be seen this week, at the Display Week event in San Jose, California.