Laser 3D scanning allows you to capture even the smallest details of architectural monuments and, in case of destruction, to reproduce exact copies. During the war, this became even more important. This is reported by the website Vgorode and the project Ukraїner.

“3D scanning is a very necessary thing. It must be held in case of armed conflict and destruction. After all, this is the documentation that can be used to recreate the landmark. It is also a good tool for restoration work. We can be based on it in the preparation of design and estimate documentation”, says the head of the Department of Historical Heritage Protection of the Lviv City Council Liliia Onyschenko.

We remind that the oldest part of the Old Town of Lviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The High Castle, Pidzamche and the Middle Town are one monument (865-001), the Ensemble of St. George’s Cathedral is another (865-002).

We hope that a similar initiative will reach Kyiv, because the capital also has UNESCO World Heritage Sites – St. Sophia of Kyiv (527ter-001), Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (527ter-002) and the Church of the Savior at Berestove (527ter-003).

Both Kyiv and Lviv have already been damaged by Russian “high-precision” missiles. No one can guarantee that the monuments of architecture and history will not be damaged next time, especially since we have seen many examples of the destruction of Ukrainian museums and monuments by the ruscists in the last 76 days of the war.