The Microsoft’s One Outlook e-mail client, which the company has been working on for some time, seems almost ready for release. Some users have already been able to download the new program, although it is only available for work and study accounts.

Rumors that future Microsoft email clients will look like the web version of Outlook have been confirmed, One Outlook looks almost the same. The program is much lighter and simpler than previous versions of Outlook for Windows, and more functional than the built-in Mail application, which is also planned to be replaced. One Outlook is also a web application because Microsoft continues to move its services to the Internet, rather than running them solely as desktop applications.

“We appreciate the excitement for our next update and will have more to share in the coming weeks,” Scott Stiles, the vice president of product management for Outlook, said in a statement The Verge. “The version available for download is an early unsupported test version of Outlook for Windows and is missing some of the features and enhancements that will be available for our beta testers. We encourage our customers to wait for the beta version to be released.”

It looks like Microsoft will officially announce One Outlook at the Build Developers Conference later this month. However, the new email client can still be downloaded from Microsoft servers at this link . If you have a work or study account in Outlook, you can try.