Xbox Everywhere is a Microsoft initiative that aims to allow the use of Xbox services not only on their own consoles. Part of this initiative should be streaming Xbox on television platforms – the company has been working on it for several years, but its implementation is delayed, and now Microsoft plans to implement it next year.

Now users can stream games from the cloud to a PC or smartphone – and in the future these options will be added to streaming on TVs through a home-made TV stick, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Most likely, in addition to access to the game library, it will also provide the ability to watch movies and TV series.

However, owners of “smart” Samsung TVs will be able to do without buying an additional “device” – as reported by GamesBeat, Microsoft is now working with Samsung to create a streaming application for the company’s TVs. It is also expected to appear next year, along with the hardware player.

This is a perfectly logical decision, which is in line with Microsoft’s desire to expand its gaming ecosystem to as many users as possible – including those who belong to the so-called “casual” group and do not intend to buy a separate console for one or two free-to-play games like Fortnite.