A new study by Jerry Insurance Company showed that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users. These results were obtained after analyzing the habits of 20,000 American drivers for the 13 million kilometers they covered, writes Android Authority

Drivers were divided into 6 categories: general driving safety, distraction, speed, acceleration, turns and braking. In each of the groups, Android users had the best results. The biggest difference can be seen in the category of “distraction” – here iPhone owners received as much as 6 points less.

For both platforms, ​​the best scores were given to married seniors who have a home, a bachelor’s degree or higher, live in the Midwest, and have higher credit ratings. However, in general, even the “less moderate” groups with Android surpassed the “more reliable” with Apple. For example, people with no higher education with Android performed better than Apple users with a degree.

Jerry researchers see the reason that driving by the rules here is opposed to emotional driving. Other studies have shown that Android owners are less prone to break rules. Although iPhone users can be proud of their rebelliousness and unconventional thinking, although Jerry’s research proves – it does not help them behave safely while driving.