From May 5, Russians will not be able to download paid applications or update their paid features on Google Play. The restriction also affected Russian developers. They can only publish or replace free apps, and users can download them from the store.

“Google Play prevents the download of paid applications and updates of paid applications in Russia, starting from May 5, 2022”, – says the ad on the official website.

All updates to paid applications must be blocked to meet the new requirements. Although users can’t pay for a subscription right now, Google allows developers to set discounted payment terms and free trial periods.

They will also be able to postpone the update for a year, which allows them to use the content for free during this time.

“If you want, you can make the app completely free or remove your paid subscription during this time,” Google suggests in the case of apps used to protect or access information.

We remind that the Google Play payment system in Russia stopped working on March 10, when Russians were banned from buying applications and video games, receiving paid subscriptions and making in-game purchases.