UKRSPECSYSTEMS PD-2 UKRSPECSYSTEMS. Ukrainian IT Community has collected $1,000,000 in one day

Ukrainians are incredible. May 6 at 9:04 pm announced the initiative “IT community, let’s buy a “plane” for the army” and on the 7th of May at 9 am the whip-round was finished. 30 million hryvnias in 24 hours!

It took 16 501 transactions, but because some were paying several times, a little less people. The largest donation is 150 000 UAH, the lowest – 1 UAH, and the average – 2 000 UAH. All payments went immediately to the expense of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

The community raised money for a modern complex UKRSPECSYSTEMS PD-2 which includes two UAVs and a control vehicle. PD-2 is a complex of Ukrainian production with a new gyrostabilized platform-suspension USG-400 or mini-AWACS Gekata . PD-2 is first and foremost recconnaissance UAVs, but combat use is possible as a carrier of bomb-load with a weight of the combat part up to 3 kg. PD-2 UAVs can be equipped with a vertical take-off system as well as a shipping module.

PD-2 was tested at the end of 2021, but in 2022 UKRSPECSYSTEMS has started full-scale production of UAVs for the front.

Crew – 4 people
Load capacity – up to 19 kg
Wingspan – 5 m
MTOW – 55 kg
Maximum speed – 140 km/h
Cruiser speed – 100 km/h
Dumping speed – 65 km/h
Range – up to 1 000 km
Communication range – 220 km
Endurance – 10 hours
Maximum flight altitude – 5,000 m
Climbing capacity – 3 m/s

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