In the development of features, modern messengers mostly go hand in hand. The main useful and popular features appear in almost all messaging services. This time Whatsapp told about several updates.

Now it has the feature of responding to messages with emoji. Competitive messengers have long had such reactions and are analogous to reactions to posts on social networks. And although this functionality is relatively new to messengers, users quickly got used to it, and Whatsapp lacked it.

Another important update was the ability to send files up to 2 GB. Previously, this limit was only 100 MB, so this update is really felt by users who often face the need to send large files. In its blog , the company reminds us to support end-to-end encryption, and advises sending large amount of data via Wi-Fi (of course, to save traffic). Additionally, when sending files, the messenger will show the expected sending time.

Whatsapp has also increased the number of users for group chats. Gradually, not 256, but 512 participants will be able to take part in the groups.

New features will be available to all users during the week, reports The Verge.