Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of accidents. Last year alone, there were 5,019 accidents in Ukraine involving drunk drivers. 113 people died in these road accidents, 1,072 people were injured, according to Apostroph.

In the United States, this problem is given no less attention, because there, according to statistics, every 52 minutes a person dies from drunk driving. So the good news is that Apple has patented a breathalyzer function for Car Key technology, which will not allow you to unlock the car or start the engine if your blood alcohol level exceeds the allowable limit.

Let me remind you that Car Key is a technology that uses the NFC chip in the iPhone (XR and later) and Apple Watch (Series 5 and later), allowing the device to function as a car key. Car Key is stored in the Wallet application, it can be shared with friends. The functionality of the digital key depends on the car model.

With regard to the consequences of drunk driving, in the United States, a court may order a person to use a breathalyzer if they plan to drive. A special device determines the level of alcohol in the blood and if it is above normal, the engine simply will not start. There are various models of breathalyzers, including wireless versions that have Bluetooth and are synchronized with a smartphone.

Image / Patently Apple

Apple’s patent describes the possibility of expanding the functionality of Car Key through interaction with breathalyzers. The digital key will need to use a breathalyzer first, then match your reading to the limit. If the limit is exceeded – you will not be able to open the car door or start the engine.

I note that Apple patents many good ideas, but not all of them are implemented. And do you think the breathalyzer function will be a useful addition to Car Key technology?