The Russian frigate Admiral Makarov is burning near Zmiinyi Island. Probably damaged by the Ukrainian Neptun missile

According to the information of Odesa Dumskaya Telegram channel, received from unofficial sources, near Zmiinyi island Admiral Makarov, frigate of the Russian Navy, the third of the newest frigates of the project 11356R/M is burning. There is a high probability that it was damaged by Ukrainian Neptun anti-ship missile.

The Admiral Makarov frigate is one of the newest warships of the Russian Navy, founded in 2012 and accepted into the Russian Black Sea Fleet at the end of 2017. Admiral Makarov, as well as other ships of the project 11356R/M (Admiral Grigorovich class), carries missile weapons, 8 Onyx P-800 missiles (anti-ship), or 8 cruise Kalibr missiles, the same as the ruscists use for strikes on the cities of Ukraine.

Earlier, there was non-confirmed officially information that the ship of the same class, Admiral Essen, adopted by the fleet in 2016, was hit by a Neptun missile near Odesa on April 3, 2022.

It is not entirely clear what Admiral Makarov frigate was doing near Zmiinyi Island (missile launches can be made from a much greater distance), but recently this small piece of Ukrainian land in the Black Sea has become the new Chornobaivka for the Russian fleet. Well, we don’t mind.

We will wait for official confirmation and satellite images, and hope that Admiral Makarov will follow the cruiser Moskva direction, and Ukraine will receive another cultural heritage object.

Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to the Ukrainian Navy!

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