Tile Cities, a new game from Yevhen from Kharkiv, the developer of the Ukrainian urban strategy strategy Ostriv we wrote about a few weeks ago was just released on Steam.

Yevhen began developing a small new project during the bombing of Kharkiv, while sitting in a bomb shelter, without access to his desktop PC.

Tile Cities has something in common with Carcassonne, Dorfromantik та SimCity, as well as classical Chinese Tangram (七巧板 -“seven boards of skill”). Tile Cities is both a puzzle and an urban strategy, a kind of SimCity at a minimum. The player needs to build a city from pieces of neighborhoods while meeting the needs of residents in greenery and urban structures. The game has abstract color needs, but nothing prevents you from interpreting them as protection (i.e. police), medicine, transport, and jobs.

Tile Cities costs in US only $2.99 and has English, French, Dutch and Ukrainian localization.