Yevhen from Kharkiv, a developer of Ukrainian urban strategy game Ostriv announced the development of a new game – Tile Cities, which will be released in the following weeks.

The thing is, as a result of the shelling and bombing, Yevhen, who, as we know, is still in Kharkiv, does not have access to his desktop PC, so he cannot continue developing the Island now. Thus, he decided to start a new small project that can be done on a laptop.

Tile Cities is an urban brain puzzle similar to Carcassonne, or Dorfromantik, where the player needs to make a modern city from tiles, correctly combining fragments.

Yevhen started this project just over a month ago, so Tile Cities is much easier than the games mentioned above. The author is confident that Tile Cities will be available to players in a few weeks.

Well, we are waiting for Tile Cities to go on sale and wish Yevhen inspiration and good luck.