Browser game Birds Attack 2022 was created by two Ukrainian developers – Oleksii Novokhatskyi and Maryna Kharchenko. In it, a duck flying over the battlefield helps destroy Russian military equipment and soldiers.

According to Oleksii, he has had a idea to try something out of back-end development for a long time. The idea arose on the basis of Russian propaganda about birds from biolaboratories and the story of wild geese that “shot down” an enemy plane in southern Ukraine, writes DOU

“As I was developing, I wanted to highlight the famous places and images that were on everyone’s lips. There is a Ukrainian field with tractors pulling knocked out tanks, Chornobaivka, a sinking flagship, and the Red Forest, and the burning oil depots of Belgorod, as well as a few fictional (and maybe prophetic) events.

Not only armed soldiers were chosen for the images of the occupiers, but also looters with stolen birds and carpets – because this is the image formed for us by the so-called “2nd Army of the World”. And what about the final level: the clear thing the task is to eliminate the putler in his bunker,”- say the developers.

Ukrainian developers have created a game in which a combat duck destroys the occupiers

Maryna Kharchenko was in charge of graphics and visual design. Oleksii Novokhatskyi worked on the logic of levels and soundtrack. The game is written exclusively in JavaScript, its implementation took two weeks. At the same time, most of the time, according to Oleksii, they argued over who should be the protagonist – a combat duck or a goose.

The goal was not to create something complex and multilevel – the developers of Birds Attack 2022 rather sought to amuse and entertain. For those who were inspired by the destruction of the occupiers, the game also added a single external link to the National Bank, where you can support the Armed Forces.