Last year, Google announced the smart canvas – a set of tools that should make it easier for people to collaborate on applications. After that, the company constantly introduced new “smart chips” – small modular functions to achieve their goal. The latest addition is a new tool for developing drop-down menus in Google Docs.

This feature allows you to add menus to the document that you can customize. The user can decide how many items the menu will have, as well as set the name and color for each of them.

Google Docs has got new tools for project management - drop-down menus and templates

Documents even allow you to save the menu as a template for future use. For templates, Google adds them to spreadsheets so that they can be accessed, for example, to track a product roadmap.

Such updates enable a scenario where Google Docs can be used as a replacement for paid project management tools like Asana. The company says,

“We hope the features help create highly individual and organized documents in Google Docs, making collaboration easier and promoting your projects.”