Electronic Arts has announced the appearance of cross-platform mode in the FIFA 22 simulator. The company does not specify when the new functionality will work, only notes that testing will begin “in the near future.”

Owners of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia-versions of FIFA 22 will be able to compete with each other. Only Online Seasons and Online Friendlies will be available for cross-platform testing at the time of testing.

EA will soon start testing cross-platform mode in FIFA 22

Players will be able to learn about the availability of cross-platform mode thanks to a widget that will appear in the main menu. You can turn the mode on or off by pressing the appropriate button. You can also use the widget to find your friends and add them to your friends list within the game.

EA will soon start testing cross-platform mode in FIFA 22

Users of Google Stadia should benefit the most from the innovation, as the number of players there is much smaller than among PlayStation and Xbox owners. By the way, testing cross-platform mode in FIFA 22 confirms rumors that this functionality will be included in FIFA 23. The release of the next version of the simulator is traditionally expected in the fall.

We also remind you that FIFA 22 is free for PlayStation Plus users in May .