As you can see in the news, including on our website, Ukraine is supported by the whole world now . Every penny, every tank or air defense system is important and we are very grateful to everyone who helps Ukrainian refugees and soldiers of the Armed Forces. But I wonder who cares more for Ukraine and spares no expense to support our strive for freedom and independence. Well, there are people who have already calculated it.

The calculation is done by the Kiel Institute of World Economy in Germany. They even created a special Ukraine Support Tracker, which carefully counts all official statements about humanitarian, financial and military assistance to Ukraine. Let’s see what we have as of April 23, 2022 (the last update of the tracker, the next is scheduled for May 17, 2022). All amounts in euros, because the study was conducted by a European institution.

Ukraine Support Tracker – who and how helps Ukraine

Of the total amount of aid (humanitarian, military and financial together) in the first place of course the United States – € 10.31 billion. In general, the United States accounts for almost 48% of all aid to Ukraine. EU countries and European institutions that are subordinate to the whole of the Union, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the European Investment Bank, contributed a total of €12.77 billion, the third – Great Britain – €2.096 billion, then Canada – €1.948 billion and quite unexpectedly Germany – €1.815 billion.

Ukraine Support Tracker – who and how helps Ukraine

If we talk only about weapons, then the United States, which delivered to Ukraine weapons worth € 3.05 billion, are in the first place again. The second is again Poland – €1.46 billion, then Canada – €697 million, Great Britain – €390 million and Latvia – €220 million.

Ukraine Support Tracker – who and how helps Ukraine

Although, in fact, it is not the absolute figures that are more interesting, but the amounts in relation to the Gross Domestic Product. And here the small countries of Europe are surprising. The top three donors to Ukraine are Estonia, Latvia and Poland, which did not spare 0.78%, 0.73% and 0.44% of GDP, respectively, to help a neighbor. It’s simple, these countries understand better than others what Russia is, and the fact that in the event of the fall of Ukraine, they themselves may become the next victims of bloody ruin. These 0.78%, 0.73% and 0.44% in our support are, in fact, very big sacrifices from our neighbors, which we appreciate very much.

And finally about Ukrainian refugees, our women and children, who were received by neighbors. Almost 3 million Ukrainians came to Poland, 770 thousand to Romania, 490 thousand to Hungary, 430 thousand to Moldova. Taking into account the population in each country, Moldova received 17% of the additional population, Poland – 8%, and Slovakia – 6.5%.

Thank you all, dear neighbors! We will not forget this.