In many games between levels you have to arrange the hero’s backpack to fit as many weapons, drugs, food and other equipment as possible.Save Room – Organization Puzzle is a tetris game that contains only this stage.

Probably the most famous example of “inventory Tetris” is Resident Evil 4. However, many games contain a backpack in a grid format – from Deus Ex to DayZ. Save Room has 40 levels to practice in the organization of equipment. It all starts with simple puzzles – place a gun, a pistol and a few boxes of ammunition. However, then things get bigger, and the grid changes shape.

Like in Tetris, in Save Room you can rotate things. However, here they can also be combined for better optimization. For example, cartridges from two boxes folded into one, as well as charge weapons with them to store as little as possible separately.

You should also monitor your character’s health – sometimes it needs to be restored, which gives you a chance to use the medicine and free up space. Inside the puzzles there are smaller tasks – for example, to mix gunpowder from different vials to get certain ammunition, or to mix herbs and create medicine.

This is not the end of creativity. Some items can be used in a certain sequence to get rid of them. It’s like eating a rotten fish to drink a glass of medicine afterwards and freeing up two sites at once.

An experienced player will complete all levels of Save Room in a few hours. Now at Steam there is a discount , the game costs 32 hryvnias.