Since the start of the full-scale war on February 24, 2022, Poland has proved that it is a true friend of Ukraine not only by accepting millions of Ukrainian women and children, but also by regularly handing over weapons to the Armed Forces to help our soldiers destroy the enemy.

In addition to Piorun MANPADS , UAV Warmate , ammunition and shells, Poland transfers heavy weapons to Ukraine , becoming the largest after the United States donor to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are talking about 40 units of BMP-1, more than 20 units 122-mm ACS 2S1 Gvozdika, more than 20 complexes of 122-mm multiple rocket launchers BM-21 Grad, WB Electronics FlyEye drones, air-to-air R-73 missiles for our soldiers, and, of course, about 236 T-72M1 and the T-72M1R tanks, which mysteriously “disappeared” from Polish military bases a few weeks ago.

Polish T-72M1R tanks are already in Ukraine

So, these tanks have already been found in Ukraine, and have already arrived in the East to take part in the battle for Donbas. This was announced by the Twitter account Visegrád 24.

And part of these tanks is the last Polish modernization of the T-72, which took place only in 2019, the T-72M1R.

The T-72M1 is an export version of the 1979 T-72A with additional grenade launchers. In 2019, part of the T-72M1 was commissioned and upgraded, a new thermal camera was installed, as well as night vision device, digital communication system and a new engine start system. The T-72M1R was released. In terms of fire efficiency, the T-72M1R can be compared to the new Ukrainian T-72AMT, which only a year ago, ironically, on February 24, 2021, began to be adopted by the army, and even then in very small numbers.

Polish T-72M1R tanks are already in Ukraine

Unlike most Ukrainian tanks, the T-72M1R does not have dynamic protection and it is still unknown whether it will be installed on the received vehicles. But in the published video, the tanks that allegedly arrived at the front do not have such protection.

In any case, our tankers will find a way to use these vehicles to reduce the number of orcs on our land. Thank you very much Poland!