Russian troops in the temporarily occupied Melitopol stole all the equipment from the John Deere farm vehicles dealer and sent it to Chechnya, the Ukrainian local businessman said, writes CNN. But after departure for more than 1100 km, the thieves were unable to use the equipment because it was simply blocked.

The equipment was removed from the Agrotek dealership in Melitopol, which has been occupied by Russian troops since the beginning of March. In general, the equipment is estimated at almost $5 million. Only grain harvesters cost $ 300,000 each.

According to the source of the publication, initially the Russian military stole two grain harvesters, tractors and seeders. Over the next few weeks, everything was removed: all 27 units of agricultural machinery. One of the used trucks with a flat platform that was removed on camera was painted white Z. Which testifies to the Russian military operation planned by Russian military operations.

Some of the equipment was taken to a neighboring village, but the rest went on a long land trip to Chechnya, 1100 km. The thieves did not take into account that the modern John Deere equipment is equipped with GPS, which allows you to track it. It was last tracked to Zakan-Yurt in Chechnya.

The equipment sent to Chechnya, including combine harvesters, can also be controlled remotely. “When the invaders drove the stolen harvesters to Chechnya, they realized that they could not even turn them on, because the harvesters were locked remotely,” CNN source said.

Now, the technique seems to be left on the farm near Grozny. But it is also noted that “it seems that the hijackers found consultants in Russia who are trying to get around the blocking.” However, unfortunately, even the sale of equipment for spare parts will allow Russian thieves to earn.