An outdated Internet Explorer browser will no longer be maintained from June 15, so Microsoft actively encourages the organization not to wait until the last moment to give it up.

Consumers and most companies have switched to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or other modern browsers, but some organizations still rely on IE to access certain sites. Although Microsoft has repeatedly warned the company that the support of Internet Explorer would be officially discontinued this year, not all of them were active enough to come up with a plan to switch to a modern browser.

In order to prepare for the final Internet Explorer “retirement”, organizations must make sure that the EDGE or other browser is set up IE mode to allow their employees to access the IE sites.

At the same time, they also have to inform their users about the change and ask them to import their data. This can be easily done by copying and inserting edge://settings/importData into the Edge address line and then selecting Microsoft Internet Explorer from the selection options in the Import C section.

Even with these recommendations, on June 15, it can be a fairly stressful day for organizations that have not been prepared accordingly for the final termination of Internet Explorer support.