In late 2000, Noah Grey created Greymatter, a free, open source blogging software.

This is the “original, primordial blogging platform. Blogs look like they do… because Noah Grey did it first,” writes Will Wheaton in his book “Still Just A Geek”.

Three days ago Noah Grey created GoFundMe campaign called
“I’m losing my home in four days”.

“I am deeply ashamed and afraid of having to doing this, but I have no choice.My sister and I are about to lose our house. It’s being foreclosed next Tuesday (May 3rd)… unless we can pay $35,000 before then,” he wrote.

The request was shared by people who remembered Noah’s contribution to blogging. In particular, technology entrepreneur Anil Dash, founder of the Neiman Laboratory at Harvard Joshua Benton and others. Will Viton was also involved – many people made donations with the hashtag #WilSentMe.

So, Noah Grey’s campaign on GoFundMe has already raised $104,960. Donations have been made by 2.7 thousand users.

On Friday night Noah recorded a video in a T-shirt with the inscription, in which he thanked everyone who joined the fundraiser.

“This has been the craziest, most emotionally overwhelming day of — of my life…. Oh my god, thank you. It hardly even feels like enough to say the words. But thank you so much. I have never felt so seen. I have never felt so — I’ve never felt embraced by the internet before.”