On Instagram, the user homm3.ua posted a fairly detailed map of Ukraine, which he created in the game Heroes of Might and Magic III. The map tries to repeat the geography of the country, for example, in the north it is covered with dense forests, in the west there are mountains and in the south and east steppes. In addition, there are also images of the current political situation, with skulls in the east and zombies in Belarus and Russia.

According to the author of the map, it is not as detailed as one would like.

“Not ALL regional centers are on the map !!! (There were not enough locks for all of them to avoid duplication). Geography is somewhat different from reality, if in your city there is an object that is not there – it is an acceptable mistake of the heroes!” wrote homm3.ua in the comments to their post on Instagram.

If you want to play the map of Ukraine in Heroes of Might and Magic III, the game itself is now sold at GOG with a -75% discount, for $1.23. You can download the map at the following link. There is also a map editor, in which you will have to finalize the map for the script and pass its validation, so you can then add to the folder \ \ Maps \.