Ukrainian PrivatBank completely transferred IT systems from the physical data center to the “cloud”. This allowed the company to minimize its dependence on computer equipment that was physically present in various parts of Ukraine and could have been destroyed during the war.

“After the National Bank of Ukraine allowed banks to store and process data “in the cloud “(decision of March 8, 2022), we launched one of the largest projects in our history”.

As a result, all the main applications of PrivatBank were successfully transferred to the cloud storage to provide customers with access to financial services (banking services, cash access, etc.) at any time”, said an ad on the bank’s website.

In total, PrivatBank moved 3,500 servers. More than 4 petabytes of customer data and transactions were downloaded to the cloud, and more than 270 important applications were transferred. More than 470 IT specialists and contractors worked on the project.

The bank notes that the team has done a titanic job of securing clients’ access to financial services. Normally, a project of this scale would take 1.5 years or more. PrivatBank managed in 45 days.

PrivatBank also apologized to customers for the inconvenience, as problems with payments or card transfers have occurred more often in recent times. This was for the sake of customers and the security of their funds. Now all the work on the transfer to the “cloud” is completed.